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to the API for skiing, golfing and 20+ more

Our algorithms ingest data from many sources, compare all destinations at once and identify where the best conditions for each type of vacations are, anywhere in the world, with up to 4 months in advance.

Watch our six-minute pitch on stage at the Phocuswright Travel Innovation Summit 2015, the leading event of the travel industry.

Boost sales

Engage your customers earlier in the sales funnel. Suggest meaningful upgrades and ancillaries at the right moment in the booking path.

Increase conversion

Help your customers make more informed decisions and book the perfect trips with months in advance. We provide you with all the data.

Build loyalty and retention

Seasonality is an outdated concept. Create personalization and recommendations for each destination, travel time, vacation type and skills.

Enable mobile solutions

Our technology automates travel research and does it orders of magnitude better than any human expert. Instantly. On any device.


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Our technology at work

Applications powered by Qalendra Predictions API

Inject research capabilities into your conventional search field

As an user starts entering a destination, we identify all assets and activities that can be performed in that area and suggest most meaningful upgrades and ancillaries.

research capabilities for a conventional search field

Build unrivaled travel research and discovery engines

As an user performs a search, our system analyzes more than 50 different factors (weather, terrain, facilities and more), compares all destinations and ranks the results in less than a second.

Check out the ski app powered by Qalendra API.

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